Beyond Paper Trails: Charting the way for India’s healthcare revolution

India’s healthcare is being transformed by Digital Health Records (DHR), akin to the revolution online banking brought to financial management. Launched under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission in 2021, over 330 million health records have been digitized. While countries like Estonia demonstrate the benefits of DHR, challenges like internet access and awareness impede India’s progress. Practo Ray offers a paperless solution to manage patient records.

Turning the Tide of Dental Healthcare in India

Practo Dental Clinics aims to revolutionize dental care in India, introducing a network of high-quality clinics focused on proactive healthcare. Despite a high number of dentists, dental care remains reactive. Practo offers transparency and standardized quality, aiming to bridge the gap in dental services. Its “Clinic Excellence Score” ensures only the highest-rated clinics, fostering a patient-centric approach while also supporting dentists through feedback, technology, and finance. This initiative sets new standards for quality healthcare and patient empowerment.

Practo Survey: People with Diabetes Choose Health Over Pills

leading digital healthcare company, Practo, conducted a survey revealing that 70% of diabetic and pre-diabetic patients are eager to improve their lifestyles for better health. However, the study also highlighted a disparity between patients’ intentions and actions, with nearly 40% not regularly consulting their doctors. Despite concerns about lifelong medication usage and potential complications, a significant number of patients were inactive and had not consulted a nutritionist or dietitian. Practo’s digital program, Transform, has successfully helped numerous patients manage diabetes through lifestyle changes.

ABHA ID: Your passport in the era of digital healthcare! 

The Ayushman Bharat Health Account ID (ABHA ID), a part of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, is set to revolutionise India’s digital healthcare. It offers a secure and straightforward system for storing and sharing medical records online, similar to Aadhar card identification. This health account enables improved patient-doctor communication and efficiency during healthcare processes. It encourages a paperless, seamless health journey, ensuring privacy and security. You can quickly create your ABHA ID using your Aadhar card, PAN card, or driving license details and a mobile number via the Practo app.

Practo Targets Full-Year Positive Cash Flow In FY ‘24; Sets Its Sights On A ‘phygital’ Future

Practo, India’s leading integrated healthcare company, has witnessed significant financial improvements. FY23 was a turning point with the company not only significantly reducing losses and improving gross margins, but also exiting March ’23 with positive cash flows, and set for a positive financial year in FY24. Despite funding challenges post-Covid, our commitment to optimising operational efficiencies and new monetisation models, while sustaining revenues, resulted in these achievements. Looking forward, we are committed to developing ‘phygital’ healthcare services and exploring expansion opportunities.