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Turning the Tide of Dental Healthcare in India

Practo Dental Clinics aims to revolutionize dental care in India, introducing a network of high-quality clinics focused on proactive healthcare. Despite a high number of dentists, dental care remains reactive. Practo offers transparency and standardized quality, aiming to bridge the gap in dental services. Its “Clinic Excellence Score” ensures only the highest-rated clinics, fostering a patient-centric approach while also supporting dentists through feedback, technology, and finance. This initiative sets new standards for quality healthcare and patient empowerment.

Practo Targets Full-Year Positive Cash Flow In FY ‘24; Sets Its Sights On A ‘phygital’ Future

Practo, India’s leading integrated healthcare company, has witnessed significant financial improvements. FY23 was a turning point with the company not only significantly reducing losses and improving gross margins, but also exiting March ’23 with positive cash flows, and set for a positive financial year in FY24. Despite funding challenges post-Covid, our commitment to optimising operational efficiencies and new monetisation models, while sustaining revenues, resulted in these achievements. Looking forward, we are committed to developing ‘phygital’ healthcare services and exploring expansion opportunities.