Indian doctors manage 200 mn appointments online over the last 15 years: Practo Ray

India, 27th June, 2024: Doctors form the backbone of the healthcare ecosystem, and as we commemorate Doctor’s Day, Practo, a leading healthcare technology company, reveals a significant trend. In the last 15 years, doctors have managed 200 million appointments online. This shows a steady move towards digital technology in healthcare.

Research by the American Medical Association (AMA) supports this shift – it found that 9 in 10 physicians see benefits in digital health tools. Practo Ray, a clinic management software, reported that in 2009, Indian doctors managed about 638k appointments digitally. This number surged to over 20 million, marking a 228% increase since 2013.

Looking at city wise trends revealed, doctors in Bangalore and Delhi were the earliest adopters of digital appointment management, with a growth of 307% and 339% respectively. This is followed by doctors from Mumbai (182%), Hyderabad (164%), Pune (362%) and Chennai (68%). [Time period – 2013 vs 2023]

Among specialties, dentists were initially the most digital-friendly, with 61% dentists contributing to digital appointments in 2013 but this lead has narrowed. In 2023, dentists made up 33% of digital appointments, with doctors from other specialties like dermatology (12%) and internal medicine (6%) catching up.

In the last 10 years doctors from specialties of gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics, physiotherapy, and psychiatry have seen the highest growth in digital appointment management.

Dr Alexander Kuruvilla, Chief Health Strategy Officer, Practo commented ” In a day,  doctors have to manage multiple things, right from meeting patients, reviewing reports, planning their OPDs  and scheduling their day. An efficient management of their practice is very critical to ensure best care to patients. In the last decade, digital technology has streamlined this for doctors and we’re incredibly proud to see the significant impact it had on doctors across India. 200mn appointments in 15 years is a reflection of every physician’s commitment to continue to learn and adapt to meet the changing needs of patients and the sheer passion they bring to their profession.”

Practo Ray, since its inception in 2008 has been committed to  adapting to the evolving needs of healthcare providers to manage their practice efficiently enabling them to serve patients better. Today, doctors are harnessing technology to streamline practices, offer more accessible care, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. This digital revolution is paving the way for a more efficient, accessible, and patient-centered healthcare system.


Practo is on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for over a billion+ Indians. India’s leading integrated healthcare company it connects the entire healthcare ecosystem together – including patients, doctors, surgeons, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and diagnostics – to generate exceptional value and service for all, especially the end consumers.

As technology becomes an integral part of healthcare, Practo has also become an essential enabler in helping doctors understand the nuances of managing and securely storing all health data. Practo encrypts all data with 256-bit encryption, uses HIPAA-compliant data centers, and is one of the few healthcare companies to be ISO 27001 certified. Practo is present in 20+ countries, helping over 30 crore patients, by connecting them with 1 lakh+ verified doctor partners.

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