Expert Speak: All You Need To Know About Top Technologies in Cardiology

 New technologies in cardiology have changed the landscape of up-to-date management protocols for cardiac disorders. But do these technologies work? Renowned Cardiologist, Dr Anil Dhall weighs in. 

A recent independent study conducted by Philips’ Future Health across 15 countries offers compelling evidence that Doctors and decision-makers in healthcare recognise the potential of technology to extend patient care, especially regarding matters of the heart. Clinicians and researchers across the globe and in India are pushing the envelope when it comes to these innovations and have already adopted some of these technologies in their day-to-day clinical practices. 

In an attempt to highlight some of these transformative technologies, their effectiveness and how doctors in India are adapting these new technologies, renowned cardiologist Dr Anil Dhall conducted a 3-part webinar series recently. It covered a vast spectrum of subjects right from game changers in cardiology to X. The webinar was attended and backed by thousands of Doctors, cementing the fact that technological and digital transformations in cardiac care enable providers and give them the right impetus to revolutionise treatment mechanisms and save more lives, every year. 

“We are truly living in exciting times and we are all spectators, mild participants and students in this journey,” begins Dr Dhall.

“The heart of this game-changing journey is going to be where we have new drugs, new devices and new approaches that will enable us to do the best for our patients because ultimately our responsibility is to the patients, their community and the greater human good. And this responsibility begins with prevention,” he adds.  

Part 1: In Part 1 of this webinar series, Dr Anil Dhall speaks about historical landmark events that have shaped cardiology, right from Stephen Hales testing the blood pressure of a horse in 1700 to the decline in deaths recorded over the years due to cardiovascular advances. He also elaborates on Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) prevention and Lipids, modifiable and nonmodifiable risk factors, obesity, new treatment modalities in Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), Coronary artery disease (CAD), Diabesity (combination of Obesity and Diabetes) typically seen in Indian population and other cardiometabolic disorders. To watch, click here.

Part 2: The second part of the webinar delves deeper into the game changers in cardiology with a special focus on Interventional cardiology. Dr Anil Dhall presents a quick overview of landmark trials documenting the benefit of lipid-lowering therapy, the relationship between achieved LDL-C and Changed Percent Atheroma Value, Statins and LDL. Dr Dhall also gives an insight into the award-winning CRISPR-CAS9 technology and the New Zealand based human-trial that could help lower LDL Cholesterol in patients by 70% with just one injection. This webinar also focused on Diabesity, Blood Pressure and its evolution. Renal Denervation and Cagrilintide Effect on body weight. The webinar also threw light on the evolution of revascularization, optimal medical therapy (OMT), treatment for calcified lesions and the various technologies that support interventional cardiology today. To know what these technologies are, please click 

Part 3: In Part 3, Dr Anil Dhall speaks about the transformative technological advancement that came forth during COVID and the post-COVID era. Use of big data and AI, VR and AR. Standard processes for teleconsultations with regards to cardiology, exclusions and issues, robotic instrumentation, robotic PCI, virtual examination including Interfaceable IoT devices, Holographic interface, handheld ultrasound and so on. Dr Anil Dhal concluded his webinar series by mentioning the current clinical trials, their outcomes and the way forward for cardiology and telecardiology.

“From the first cypher stent to TAVR to 100-year-olds undergoing procedures, cardiology has always been about patients and I would like to conclude by saying that you must always remember that your patients are the point of care.” Click here to watch Part 3 of this webinar series 


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