At some point, we have all been in the middle of a health crisis, clueless about where to go. And that’s when we turn to people around us who could point us to a doctor. But what if we told you that there’s an even simpler and more reliable way to find the right doctor and also to look up the recommendations you get? 

Deciding on a doctor is not easy when it comes to something as critical as your health or that of your family and loved ones. Good news is your doctor search can be much more accurate and hassle-free when you have free access to millions of verified and genuine experiences of other patients! Making an informed decision about your doctor is neither troublesome nor dicey with Practo’s Feedback feature!

What is Feedback on Practo?

Feedback is a feature for users to express how their appointment with a doctor went. It helps other patients make an informed decision, and doctors to build trust and credibility with their patients.

  • There are over 4.5 million verified Feedback on Practo
  • 70% patients prefer reading Feedback before booking an appointment with a doctor* 

How Feedback helps you make an informed healthcare decision

Whether it’s a minor sickness or a big health scare, it’s common to ask around for doctor recommendations. But often, it gets difficult to accurately zero in on your search based on specific symptoms, speciality or doctor. Now, your search gets a far more comprehensive source with almost a million verified Feedback from other patients.

For instance, if you are looking for a gynaecologist to consult for a complicated pregnancy, you can easily find another patient’s first-hand experience with that very condition on Practo, something you might not easily find elsewhere.

Practo has first-hand experiences of millions of patients that you can trust

Only genuine Feedback gets published on Practo

The Feedback you read on Practo crosses multiple levels of verification before being published. Our moderation team, with the help of AI and algorithms, makes sure that only first-hand, helpful experiences make it to the platform. Our highly-efficient automated tools used to flag questionable content help detect non-compliant with ease.

  • Patient’s first-hand experience only
  • Transparent, authentic and helpful
  • Strictly no paid or promotional material 
  • Aligned with these guidelines

To make Feedback even more empowering and valuable for you and your loved ones, it’s important that you share your first-hand experience every time you visit a doctor to help spread awareness amongst other patients.

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Team Practo

*Findings from a survey Practo conducted amongst patients in June 2019