Practo’s corporate health plans, which offer a myriad of integrated healthcare services, witnesses a surge of over 35% since March 2020

L&T financial services, Marico, Hexaware Technologies,Tata Realty, Denave India, and Telus International are among the companies that have availed the Practo plans for their workforce

India, February 9, 2020: Practo, India’s leading integrated healthcare company, has witnessed a significant growth in the demand for its corporate health and wellness plans, with over 100 corporates signing up for them in 2020. The increase in sign-ups is recorded as organizations continue looking at strengthening employee-safety initiatives and providing them with easy access to healthcare in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. L&T financial services, Marico, Hexaware Technologies,Tata Realty, Denave India, and Telus International, are among the companies that Practo currently extends its services to.

Buoyed by the positive response for the corporate health plans, Practo is looking at covering the healthcare needs of 2.5 lakh employees by the end of 2021. To drive this, Practo will be fully involved and support employers through different stages – from onboarding to sharing utilization insights. Retaining the current customer satisfaction score of 4.7/5 across organizations by providing them with quality service will remain Practo’s priority.

Since March 2020, Practo’s corporate health and wellness plans have been used by over one lakh  employees and their family members for online consultations with verified doctors, preventive health check-ups, pharmaceutical needs, mental health sessions, and COVID-19 screenings

Through Practo, employees of the partnered companies can have 24*7 access to 25,000+ doctors for instant online consultations across 22+ specialties on the ‘Practo Plus’ health plan network. With a response time  of about 120 seconds, thousands of  employees have availed online consultations so far. GP, dermatology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and cardiology are among the most consulted specialities. 

Thanks to these health plans, companies have seen a significant drop in the number of employees taking sick leave or being admitted to hospital, while their productivity has also improved over time.  Furthermore, employees could get their medicines delivered to their doorstep. In the work-from-home situation, these health plans enabled employees  to address  their health concerns from the comfort of their home. 

Elaborating on this trend, Siddhartha Nihalani, VP – Product Growth, Practo, said, “With people in general trying to make healthier lifestyles choices in a pandemic-battered world, corporates are leaving no stone unturned to ensure employees’ good health and well-being. While health insurance plans still form an integral part of employee benefits, companies have also started opting for digital healthcare solutions that are accessible, affordable, and safe. In the work-from-home situation, teleconsultations catered to both the physical and mental health requirements of employees and their family members. Convinced by its efficiency and effectiveness, an increasing number of corporates across India are switching to Practo’s health and wellness plans.”      

Speaking about the partnership, Sanhita Ganguly, HR Head, Hexaware, said, “Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, providing our employees with easy and timely access to healthcare has been a challenge. With physical appointments becoming difficult under current circumstances, the need for online Doctor consultation has been on the rise. Employees have become more conscious in choosing the healthcare benefits and the services provided by doctors. This has pushed a need for technologically-assisted doctor consulting. Practo’s corporate health and wellness plans cover all specialties, along with offering a number of benefits. And the best part is that we have received very positive  feedback from our employees about these health plans.

Based on their requirements, organizations can choose from a variety of packages that Practo offers. From online doctor consultations to conducting an ergonomic assessment, Practo’s health plans come with myriad advantages. Other benefits include annual health checkups, OPD services, at-home diagnostic services and medicine delivery covering 16,000 pin codes (depending on the packages).