Scheduling appointments through Phone calls OR Text messages !!!

Two of the most common ways of communicating are SMS (Short Messaging Service) which is the simple text messaging, and the Regular phone call. Which is better between the two when it comes to reminding patients about their appointments ? Which one do patients prefer?

Which one would you prefer, a call or a SMS?

Now lets take a minute before we decide. Lets just see what the survey conducted on this regard tells us.

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About 41% of consumers prefer to receive a reminder to perform a health-related task through text messaging, according to a survey from the Consumer Health Information Corporation.

Results are based on an online survey conducted in April of 395 smart phone users at businesses and universities.

Among a host of other useful features for doctors and patients, Practo supports SMS to all patients regarding their appointments and all doctors regarding their schedule for each day automatically, without any manual effort.

To know more about the feature Practo(Appointment-Schedule)

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