Today is another milestone in our journey to become the single destination for all your healthcare needs. Until now, with Practo Ray, we have focused on digitizing clinics and helping them become more efficient. Clinics use Practo Ray to manage millions of patients, digitize records and provide a better healthcare experience.

But we realized that hospitals had very different needs than clinics. They not only have many more departments within each unit, but also have several different aspects to take care of; including in- patient management, billing, ward and bed management, diagnostics, advanced insurance and lab equipment integration, operation theatre, pharmacy and much more.

In Insta, we found a great partner with fantastic product and a team with a passion and culture similar to ours. So we’ve decided to join hands and bring them onboard. Together we could build fantastic products that will help millions of consumers in hospitals get a superior experience.

Insta Health is a leading provider of cutting edge end to end cloud based hospital information management solution (HIMS), powering hospitals across 15 countries in India, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. Some of Insta’s key customers are Cloudnine, Deepam Hospitals, MyDentist in India, DaVita in India and Malaysia, Skyline Hospital in Manila, NMC Group of hospitals in UAE, Karen Hospital in Kenya and many more.

Insta will operate as a separate division and will continue to be led by Ramesh Emani, Founder & CEO, Insta Health. Ramesh has over 24 years of experience in building strong software and product teams across various verticals at Wipro. Prior to founding Insta about 7 years back, he served in various capacities at Wipro including CTO of Wipro Technologies. His last position in Wipro was as President of Telecom and Product Engineering solutions, where he was responsible for handling the world’s largest third party engineering services group.

Shashank ND - Practo CEO and Founder with Ramesh Emani - Insta CEO
Shashank ND (Practo) with Ramesh Emani (Insta)


This acquisition brings to Practo a great product, a fantastic team and an expanded global customer base. The acquisition will provide an option to hospitals using Insta’s product to integrate with Practo’s platform and thus provide a superior healthcare experience to patients by enabling them to search and easily find information about doctor availability across hospital and departments, instant bookings, as well as no wait times or queues once they reach the hospital for their appointment. Patients will also be able to access all their health records after their discharge on Practo; either on the web or on the mobile app.

Insta is used by clinics (both standalone and chains), hospitals and diagnostic labs for automating their clinical, operational and financial processes such as scheduling, registration, out-patient and in- patient management, billing, electronic medical records (EMR), ward and bed management, diagnostics, advanced insurance and lab equipment integration, operation theatre, pharmacy and inventory management, specialty modules like dental, dialysis, IVF, Pediatrics and so on.

The acquisition will help accelerate Practo’s Partner Program that is designed to enable HIMS providers around the world to integrate with Practo’s platform to provide consumers a seamless healthcare experience no matter which hospital they visit. Insta was one of the first few partners to come onboard on this program.

Over the next few months as we continue to integrate Insta deeply with Practo’s platform, we’ll bring a superior healthcare experience to millions of consumers and help them live healthier, longer lives.