Illegal cash transactions have been the bane of India’s economic milieu for long. With demonetisation, the Indian government took one of the first steps towards eradicating black money. Now, here comes another bold step to take this battle forward. As per a latest notice issued by the Govt. of India (Ministry of Finance), no cash transaction of above Rs. 2L will be permitted on a single bill.

The Govt. of India has taken this step mainly to promote digital economy by reducing higher value cash transactions as much as possible. In order to keep up with this rule, starting April 1, 2017, the maximum cash transaction limit on Insta while collecting payment from a patient will be restricted to Rs. 2L.

How will Insta help?

For Insta users in India, we have made it easier for them to be in line with this new directive. Thanks to the latest version of Insta, when payment method is chosen as cash, the maximum transaction limit will be up to Rs. 2L. For amounts above Rs. 2L, the system will show an error (as shown below) to the billing person that the payment is not possible.

Error popup on Insta

Thus, the latest version of Insta will reduce instances of proceeding with cash transactions beyond the permitted limit and ensure that your hospital is always in accordance with the government regulation.

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