The next phase in our quest to build an integrated health-tech platform

Last Thursday was a difficult day with few of our colleagues leaving the company to pursue opportunities outside. This was a combination of natural redundancies that emerged as we integrated our 5 acquisitions and evolved our businesses, as well as the performance required for the next phase of Practo’s growth.

Moments like these are always difficult. More so when you lose people with whom you’ve worked long days and nights to solve some of the toughest problems in healthcare – with the world outside expecting you to fail. Being a Practeon is like being part of a family. A family that’s on a mission to help transform healthcare. So not having some of them with us will be tough. To all those who leave us, I am grateful to them for their passion and contributions to Practo and our mission. While we may be bidding them farewell, we want to ensure we do everything we can to help them find their next big opportunity. To do this, we have setup an internal team to make the process as smooth as possible. We are providing them two months pay as well as placement services that should help them move ahead quickly.

As we begin this week, and indeed, the financial year in earnest, we are leaner and wiser and feel ready to execute our next phase of growth.

Last year we managed 50M appointments on our platform and grew our enterprise customer base by over 60%! This unique ability to connect providers and consumers is opening up many new possibilities. As we started engaging with healthcare stakeholders beyond providers, we realized that together with them, we could build game changing solutions that will dramatically improve the healthcare experience for consumers and providers. To do this, we are focused on two important things. First is building a much tighter and deeper integration amongst our own products and second, opening up this integrated platform to other players who can then build services on top.

Our teams are hard at work with our partners to build something that is perhaps a first of its kind solution in the world. We’ll have more on this soon.


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