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Practo insights reveal a 58% increase in cardiac consultations

Recent Indian research shows a sharp rise (+93.7%) in ischemic heart disease (IHD) mortality among women from 2000 to 2017. Data from Practo reveals a 58% increase in women’s cardiac consultations since 2019, with preventive diagnostics being the focus. Women aged 25-34 are leading in heart health awareness, notably in Bangalore. This trend extends to prioritizing gut health, evidenced by a 59% surge in gastroenterological consultations. Overall, women’s healthcare consultations have grown by 29%.

Turning the Tide of Dental Healthcare in India

Practo Dental Clinics aims to revolutionize dental care in India, introducing a network of high-quality clinics focused on proactive healthcare. Despite a high number of dentists, dental care remains reactive. Practo offers transparency and standardized quality, aiming to bridge the gap in dental services. Its “Clinic Excellence Score” ensures only the highest-rated clinics, fostering a patient-centric approach while also supporting dentists through feedback, technology, and finance. This initiative sets new standards for quality healthcare and patient empowerment.