We’re in this, together

As a healthcare company devoted to the cause of making quality healthcare accessible and affordable for a billion people, we’re committed to joining the battle against Coronavirus. The Coronavirus situation seems to grow more serious with each passing day, requiring immediate attention from each and every one of us.

Our work impacts millions of people around the world. Given the complexity and severity of our Industry, we formulated a set of values and priority mapping (VUPIM) that guides our actions and decisions to ensure we’re doing the right thing, always. Standing true and accountable to these values, here’s listing the steps we’ve taken and are working on, to keep people safe and informed.

V – Vision

We are working tirelessly with our doctor partners to make sure people have access to quality care from the comfort of their home, 24/7. 

  1. We are working with experts to train doctor partners on our platform, so they’re better equipped to handle Coronavirus-related issues
  2. We are onboarding more and more doctors on the platform, so supply and care is not an issue for anyone. If you’re a doctor, join us here 
  3. We’re enabling doctor partners with the right information, so they’re prepared to handle high-risk patients’ walk-ins
  4. We’ve reached out to authorities to find a way we can work together

U – User

Users viz. Patients are at the heart of everything we do, more so, in such times when panic and fear has gripped the entire nation.

  1. We have created a separate section on our app and web page to connect people to accurate information and helpful resources developed by the health ministries and WHO. Users can find information about diagnostic labs, WHO guidelines more, if required
  2. We have launched a new section on our consult page for all infection-related consultations. These doctors have been trained by experts and the intent is to help worried patients, answer their queries and direct them for a physical visit, only if required
  3. We are working with our doctor partners to generate content that’s relevant and most required  
  4. We understand that doctor consultations are crucial at this hour, and to make it extremely affordable and accessible for users, we created a new micro health plan, so people do not hesitate from consulting a doctor. The goal is to discourage self- medication and make quality consultations accessible and affordable. You can read more about the plans here

P – Practeon

Do Great is our motto and the hallmark of a true Practeon. We’re working day and night to ensure that patients’ access to healthcare is not interrupted. 

  1. All Practeons are working from home, ready to pull all-nighters to keep the system up and running, given the increased number of queries coming on the platform
  2. We have put secure systems in place with strong technical measures and frequent vulnerability assessments and penetration testing

I – Investors

We’re blessed to have investors who are supportive of every action and cause that’s a step forward in the betterment of the society as a whole. They stand committed to our vision of making quality healthcare accessible to all, 24/7. That’s the best we could ask for in a partner.

M – Myself

As the CEO, I take complete responsibility and accountability for every action we as a company take, every day. I, along with my team of 800 Practeons, are ready for the battle and to do everything in our power to ensure that continuity to quality healthcare is not interrupted. 

Practo’s vision is to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable for a billion Indians, and these initiatives are few steps in that direction. We’re hard at work to ensure patients get quality care irrespective of their location and time of the day, and doctors are safe while providing this care.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please write to us at corona-team@practo.com. We’re all ears

If you’re a doctor and want to join us in this fight, use this page

If you’re from the health department or the health ministry, we’re eager to hear from you on ways we can work together. Please reach out to us at corona-team@practo.com 

If you’re a patient, be rest assured, preparedness trumps panic any given time. We’re in this together. 



PS We will continue to add to this post, as we announce more updates


Practo is on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for over a billion+ Indians. India’s leading integrated healthcare company it connects the entire healthcare ecosystem together – including patients, doctors, surgeons, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and diagnostics – to generate exceptional value and service for all, especially the end consumers.

As technology becomes an integral part of healthcare, Practo has also become an essential enabler in helping doctors understand the nuances of managing and securely storing all health data. Practo encrypts all data with 256-bit encryption, uses HIPAA-compliant data centers, and is one of the few healthcare companies to be ISO 27001 certified. Practo is present in 20+ countries, helping over 30 crore patients, by connecting them with 1 lakh+ verified doctor partners.

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