ABDM Digital Health Incentive Scheme: Everything You Need To Know

 DHIS encourages healthcare providers to adopt digital health and promote the implementation of ABDM among the general population. Here’s everything you need to know!

Launched on January 1, 2023, the Digital Health Incentive Scheme  (DHIS) encourages healthcare providers to adopt digital health and promote the implementation of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) among the general public. While ABDM aims to make digital health services available and accessible to all citizens of our country, it intends to incentivise healthcare facilities like clinics, diagnostic centres, hospitals, and laboratories to promote and support this adoption through the Digital Health Incentive Scheme. The incentive under ABDM will be calculated on the basis of ‘digital transactions’ created by healthcare facilities. 

So, what is the Digital Health Incentive Scheme? 

Simply put, DHIS is a tool to promote the widespread implementation and adoption of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission so that a large number of India’s population can get access to quality healthcare and benefit from digital health services. While digital health services across our country have been growing at an unprecedented rate, its adoption is primarily limited to Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities. With DHIS, the government aims to incentivise healthcare professionals to champion this change and further boost digital health transactions within the country. 

Who qualifies for the Digital Health Incentive Scheme? 

Health Facilities having 10 or more beds as provided in the Health Facility Registry (HFR) are eligible for the scheme. Any ABHA linked health record generated in the health facility (OPD/IPD services) would be eligible for incentive. To qualify for the incentive, hospitals must complete a minimum of 50 transactions per bed per month. Laboratory/Diagnostics transactions must exceed 500 per month in order to qualify for this incentive program. To check your eligibility, please visit https://abdm.gov.in/DHIS

What qualifies as one digital transaction? 

“Transaction”  means creation of any ABHA/ABHA address linked health record by a healthcare facility or a Health Locker, including, teleconsultations, lab reports, prescriptions etc. 

Please note, health records generated during the course of a given care context, for example: OP prescription, diagnostic reports, even multiple consultations during the same hospital visit etc. will together be considered as one transaction linked to the corresponding ABHA address. 

How to claim Incentives under DHIS? 

Currently ABDM has outlined the following steps to help you claim incentives under DHIS. 

Step 1: Register your facility on Health Facility Registry (HFR)

Step 2: Use ABDM enabled software

Step 3: Register for DHIS using HFR ID 

Step 4: Login into HFR Profile to claim Incentive

To get an estimate of the incentive you can earn under the DHIS, please visit https://abdm.gov.in/DHIS/incentive-calculator

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What details do I need to provide to register for DHIS? 

For registration on DHIS, the following information/ documents are required: 

  1. Bank Account details: 
    a. Name of Account Holder
    b. Bank Account number
    c. Name and address of Bank Branch
    d. IFSC code of the branch
    e. Attach cancelled cheque
    f. Attach entity mandate form as per undertaking form

When can I claim my incentive? 

Health facilities will see their total incentive amount calculated based on digital transactions captured by ABDM at the end of each calendar month in their HFR accounts. In case of errors in these calculations, the health facility/DSC can contact abdm.incentive@nha.gov.in. There will be two payment cycles for each calendar month. The claims entered on or before the 5th day of a calendar month, would be processed in the first payment cycle of the month. The claims entered after the 5th and before 20th day of a calendar month, would be processed in the second payment cycle of the month. 

Please note, Practo Ray, our most powerful practice management software is soon to be ABDM compliant. Which means, healthcare professionals registered on Practo Ray can directly create and upload digital transactions on ABDM via a single application. 

*All information provided here are as per government guidelines issues on or before February 2023. For any further clarification, please contact abdm.incentive@nha.gov.in or support@practo.com


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