Ask 10 people if they know where to get information on buying a new car and probably 9 of them would say ‘Yes!!’. But if you were to ask the same 10 on help with an easy way to ‘clean claims’, I bet only a rare few would know.

Today it is not unusual for some claims to be denied. And this isn’t due to a few smudges and spilled coffee stains. In fact 30% of these claims are rejected due to misspellings and illegible handwriting. After all, Reji Girish on Jainagar Lane is not the same person as Reggie Gireesh of Jayanagar Lane.

And often people never resubmit their denied claims, because they just can’t find the missing lab report from the pile of dusty files. Or because they can’t find time to go get a torn shabby bill replaced by a new one!!

But there’s something your doctor could do to help you through! Shocking is it?? Well Electronic Medical Records (EMR), just might be the faster and easier way to ‘clean claims’.