Imagine it’s Monday morning and you need an appointment for your routine check up – but no one at the clinic picks up your call! Even if you do manage to call the clinic….you are put on hold that seems to last forever! Once you are at the clinic, your patience is tested, as the waiting time seems to never end and you usually spend more than an hour before you see the doctor!

Frustrated? Wondering why something as basic as organizing a doctor’s visit and getting treatment on time is such a painstaking task?

With the NEW, you can change the way you book appointments! Launched for the ‘first time ‘in India, is powered by Practo ABS (Appointment Booking System) technology’, allowing you to go online and book a confirmed appointment with a doctor in less than 20 seconds! What’s more? You can also access your medical records online!

Here are 3 reasons why you will love the convenience of the New

Firstly, whether it’s late night, early morning, or afternoon office hours….you can always book a confirmed appointment online! No more calling up the clinic and waiting on hold for what seems like eternity!

Secondly, you don’t have to be amongst those patients who spend an average of 70 minutes tapping their toes and flipping through old magazines as they wait to see their doctors.

And… Finally, you can access and store your appointment records such as prescriptions, bills and treatment plans online! No more filing of pieces of paper, and scrambling for that old prescription for an appointment.

Meeting your doctor won’t get easier than this!