Remember the last time you fell ill?

The desperate attempts to find a doctor of your wave-length. The frustrating experience of eventually meeting a doctor (of your family-friend’s choice) whom could not connect with. And not to forget those dreaded hours of waiting for an eternity at the clinic to meet your doctor.

Why put up with all this? Isn’t there a faster way out?

Fret not! Practo unveils a brand new product “”. You simply need to type in the speciality and location, to get started on your doctor search. Once you find a doctor of your choice you can even schedule a convenient slot then and there! What’s more? – With real-time scheduling you could even slip in at a nearby clinic if there is a last-minute cancellation – as simple as that!!

Shaving off those extra seconds at meeting a doctor is what is all about. Our follow-up reminders make sure that you don’t miss out on your check-up and get seen on time too!! Moreover with our digital health records, you needn’t wade through thick-files looking for that last prescription given by your doctor. You can just go online and access your entire health records in one click!!

Still finding it hard to believe? Go ahead and log on to TODAY!!