Introducing Practo Profile: Brand new free app to help doctors list and manage their Practo profiles

At Practo, we want people to make better healthcare decisions. This starts with helping them find the best doctors. Today, 2 million consumers perform 4 million searches every month on Practo and this is growing fast.

We list 130,000 doctors already and more are being added every day. But this is not enough. We want to list every single health care practitioner in the world. To achieve this, today we’re launching the new Practo Profile app which will not only help you list yourself on Practo (for free) but also ensure that you can manage your profile and keep it updated easily and on the go so patients always have the latest most updated information about you and your clinics.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the app from here
  2. Registration is simple – Use your email or Facebook account
  3. As the last step of the signup process, we will ask you for your basic profile details – name, mobile number, specialization and the name of your clinic
  4. After signup, you can continue enriching your profile in the “Edit Profile” section of the app (or even by logging in to your Practo account from any browser)

Please expect a call on your mobile number to verify your details. The more details you provide in the app, the faster your profile can go live on!

If you just got your new profile activated or already have an existing profile, read on to find out what you could do with the new app:

Practo profile appManage your Profile on the go
Always ensure your latest details are reflected on your profile including your photo, experience, specialization, qualifications and more.

Manage your clinic profile and add new clinics
The app also lets you add clinics to your Practo profile and manage the clinics’ profiles including photographs (or logo), address, contact details and more.

App Only: Dashboard
Once your profile is published (or if you are a doctor who already has a profile linked to your Practo account), you can use the app to see how many times your profile appeared in search results on Practo!


Get the free Practo Profile app



Practo is on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for over a billion+ Indians. India’s leading integrated healthcare company it connects the entire healthcare ecosystem together – including patients, doctors, surgeons, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and diagnostics – to generate exceptional value and service for all, especially the end consumers.

As technology becomes an integral part of healthcare, Practo has also become an essential enabler in helping doctors understand the nuances of managing and securely storing all health data. Practo encrypts all data with 256-bit encryption, uses HIPAA-compliant data centers, and is one of the few healthcare companies to be ISO 27001 certified. Practo is present in 20+ countries, helping over 30 crore patients, by connecting them with 1 lakh+ verified doctor partners.

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