2 weeks ago, with some trepidation and enormous excitement we released our first ever TV ad. In case you haven’t seen it yet, do check it out above. The ad is about the stage in life where you first realise you or your loved ones need a doctor and how Practo can help you find one seamlessly.

We’re really thrilled that the ad (and its various versions) recently crossed 2 million views on YouTube! This is really heartening because it highlights the pent up demand for simplifying healthcare and is a strong endorsement of our ‘patient first’ philosophy which compels us to build our products with an approach that centers around you, the consumer. It starts with finding the best doctors and will culminate into a single health account for each person in the world.

For far too long, healthcare as an industry has been centered around everything except the patient. It bothers us that consumers don’t even have access to basic information about the doctor before they have to decide whether or not they will trust him or her with their lives. It bothers us that the number of people you usually check with before visiting a doctor is far less than the number of people you check with before watching a movie or dining at a restaurant. It bothers us that your choice is artificially restricted because of lack of information. It bothers us that you have so little control over your own health. It should bother you too.

This is why for us, this is more than just our marketing campaign. For us, this is about telling millions more that they can get easy access to better doctors and make better healthcare decisions. For us, this is the moment where we put a stake in the ground to say, from now, healthcare will change forever and get increasingly centered around patients. For us, this is the moment where we enable patients with more choice. And choice, is always a good thing.

Shashank ND

Founder & CEO, Practo