Making your clinic visits cashless, paperless and painless

At Practo, we work hard to make sure that you and your loved ones have a fantastic experience anytime there’s a healthcare need. Vast majority of consumers’ healthcare needs are served at clinics. However, for the longest time, clinic visits and treatments have not been covered by Insurance.

Today, we’re taking a major step towards ensuring that your neighbourhood clinic can provide you a completely cashless, paperless, and painless clinic experience – whether it is the doctor consultation or medicine purchase or even diagnostic tests. All of this can now be covered by your insurance provider.

Our new Trinity technology (built specifically for the payers), for the first time, connects the 3 critical stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem – providers, patients and payers – to bring the most painless, paperless and cashless clinic experience for everyday healthcare needs such as doctor visits, medicine purchase, online consultations as well as diagnostic tests. 


Trinity will help providers by enabling them to provide a seamless and completely cashless experience to their patients. Trinity ensures a completely digital claims process including real-time approvals, and fast and automated periodic settlements to ensure a hassle-free experience for the doctors.

For insurers, Trinity allows them to access Practo’s vast provider network and offer cashless outpatient experience at neighbourhood clinics. Trinity enables seamless transfer of structured digital prescriptions from the doctors to help ICICI Lombard identify prescribed tests, treatments and medicines. This facilitates real-time adjudication of claims and ensures periodic settlement for doctors, making patient visit completely cashless and paperless. 

With today’s partnership with ICICI Lombard, doctors and clinics across the country can now accept ICICI Lombard Insurance via Practo’s software platform. 

We have always been focused on building products that help simplify the healthcare experience for everyone. Trinity has only been possible because of the support we have from patients and that our software platform enjoys amongst our wide provider network. We are very thankful to both of these important stakeholders and will continue to build products that simplify their healthcare experience ans help millions of people live healthier, longer lives.


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