We are excited to announce that Practo is organising its first ever external hackathon – Practo Sandbox 2017 on the December 16-17th (Saturday & Sunday) at our head office in Bangalore. Practo Sandbox 2017 is the ultimate team programming challenge where participants can solve real-life healthcare problems. We are thrilled to invite employees, developers and coders for an ultimate team programming challenge to provide solutions to real-world problems and stand a chance to win big!

Practo Sandbox 2017 is open to developers working in other companies too. While we have internal hackathons every quarter, this is the first time that we are opening our doors to external talent. The aim is to reach out to the developer community and give others a chance to solve some pertinent problems in the healthcare industry.

The tracks for this year include:

1.Enabling Partners: Solutions which can help healthcare providers take better business decisions through analytics.

2.Healthcare Insights: Technology solutions built using platform insights to improve prognosis & business outcomes.

3.Patient Love: Software solutions which will help patients derive more value from the Practo platform

The winning team with the best technology solution will receive ₹1,00,000/-
and a few winners also stand a chance to get hired by Practo**.

The details of the prizes are as follows:

  1. First place: ₹1L
  2. Second place: ₹80K
  3. Third place: ₹60K
  4. Public Opinion: ₹20K
  5. Each of the 3 tracks will receive ₹20K prize as well

There will be two rounds spread over two days. Contestants can choose their own teams and programming language.

As a young technology company, we are incredibly focused on furthering purposeful innovation and knowledge building. Through Practo Sandbox 2017, we are inviting people who love to create. And as a digital leader, we would like to encourage coders to contribute to solving healthcare problems which are impactful and touches millions of lives.

*Additional Information below:

For participation and registration visit https://sandbox.practodev.com/

Last day to register is December 12, 2017

For any questions on the event reach out to dd@practo.com

**Conditions Apply