Practo takes another step towards offering you the Best Appointment Booking Experience

We are happy to announce the launch our new appointment booking system – Practo Direct – where patients can call clinics through Practo’s telephony channel. They will be able to connect directly with the clinic, discuss possible appointment schedules, and get a confirmed appointment from the clinic immediately.

Appointment Booking is Practo’s key focus area, so we believe it is important that we offer patients a reliable system book a confirmed appointment instantly.

You might have noticed that Practo had two ways of facilitating appointments, which were:

  1. Book Appointment (Instant) – Our flagship appointment booking process, Practo Instant which allows patients to instantly book an appointment with their favourite doctors online. Practo Instant lets patients choose from all available time slots and get a confirmed appointment within seconds.Practo Instant
  2. Request Appointment – Clinics which have not enabled “Practo Instant” were on the Request Appointment flow. In this process patients would request for an appointment, our in-house team would then get in touch with the clinic and confirm the appointment.
    This Flow had a couple of limitations:

    1. Patients had to wait till the Practo team could get in touch with clinic and get back.
    2. Many patients had a need to get in touch with the clinic for other queries before booking the appointment.

To make this experience smoother we’re introducing Practo Direct, which replaces the Request Appointment flow for all clinics not on Practo Instant. Practo Direct allows patients to:

  • Connect with the clinic directly via telephony.
  • Ask any questions they might have related to the appointment.
  • Coordinate with the clinic directly to Book an appointment without any delays.

Here’s how you book an appointment with Practo Direct:

  1. Search for the right Doctor on Practo.comSearch for your Right Doctor
  2. Click on “Show Number” button and fill in your detailsPracto Direct - Fill in Your Details
  3. And, you will be shown the phone number and 3 digit extension to dial.
    Practo Direct - Call your Doctor

If you have any suggestions, feel free to write to us at Meanwhile, we’ll think up of more ways to make the appointment booking experience as seamless as possible.