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It provides you the big-picture breakdown of your appointments, patients and clinic settings- all in one glance!!

Stay Closer To Your Patients

“Hello Doctor, it’s me!! I just called to ask ….” – One statement that most doctors dread!! Haven’t your patients kept on making the same statement over calls?

Your usual answer – an apologetic look followed by “Uh, no, I didn’t get you.”










Not any more!! The new Practo android app displays your patient’s name whenever they give you a call.

Get started on a warm conversation at the first ring!!

Multi-Clinic Practice Trouble?- No Problem!!

Practicing at multi-clinics is tough game by itself. The after-hour calls just add on to it.

What if you need to schedule an appointment while on your drive back home? The heavy traffic is sure to get you home late. And you really can’t keep it waiting till then.










Your wish has been answered!! The new Practo android app lets you access and manage your practice at multi clinics in the simplest manner ever!!

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