Advancing Quality Across All Affordability Levels: Practo Annual Letter FY23

With the last 15 years committed to the vision of helping Indians live healthier and longer lives, we are ready to take the leap into a new era of healthcare.

Read Annual Letter FY 2022-23 here

Great things take time, patience and perseverance, especially when one’s focus is to prioritise quality above all else. And, Practo’s journey is a testament to that.

15 years back, with quality as our fundamental principle, we embarked on our mission to create a positive impact on the healthcare industry.  Our doctor-partners, Practeons and every stakeholder we have worked with over the years have supported our mission and shared the same passion to create an inclusive and accessible healthcare ecosystem that is patient-centric and quality-driven. 

In fact, it is with Quality as our north star that has driven us to positively impact the industry and propel us further towards our mission to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and a delightful experience for all. Our dedication to quality has also been recognised through prestigious accolades, including the Quality and Accreditation Institute (QAI) accreditation, making Practo the first Indian digital healthcare company to receive such an honour.

This has culminated in the impact whereby we’ve served 300 million patients across 13,900 pin codes and 720 cities. 

And with the last 15 years committed to the vision of helping Indians live healthier and longer lives, we are ready to take the leap into a new era of healthcare– one where the physical and virtual world integrate and create a unified and interconnected healthcare ecosystem. 

Reflecting upon our past and present and strategising our future, we have drafted the FY 2022-23 Practo Annual Letter.

The annual letter captures Practo’s consistent strive for quality and excellence that also led us to achieve profitability. It details out our journey and commitments to i) deepen our consumer focus while understanding the dynamics of Phygital ii) expand our reach powered by Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) and Unified Health Interface and iii) foster a culture of performance collaboration and innovation within the organisation. 

To get an in depth understanding of our journey and what lies ahead, read the complete Annual Letter here:


Practo is on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for over a billion+ Indians. India’s leading integrated healthcare company it connects the entire healthcare ecosystem together – including patients, doctors, surgeons, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and diagnostics – to generate exceptional value and service for all, especially the end consumers.

As technology becomes an integral part of healthcare, Practo has also become an essential enabler in helping doctors understand the nuances of managing and securely storing all health data. Practo encrypts all data with 256-bit encryption, uses HIPAA-compliant data centers, and is one of the few healthcare companies to be ISO 27001 certified. Practo is present in 20+ countries, helping over 30 crore patients, by connecting them with 1 lakh+ verified doctor partners.

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