Practo bids adieu to Vikas Kumar, the ‘poster-Practeon’

The ‘poster-Practeon’ of relentless execution with a high Say Do value, Vikas grew to become an asset for Practo and the ‘go-to person’ for everyone.

It’s practically impossible to describe Vikas Kumar and his contribution to Practo in a single sentence. Vikas has witnessed the company ebb and flow through various milestones in the last 15 years. And through it all, he has played an integral role in ensuring the company’s success. 

Imbibing the core vision of Practo, that is to help people live healthier and longer lives, Vikas navigated through various roles and their challenges, ensuring excellence in each one of them. He started his journey with Practo on July 7, 2011 with focus on Reach and along the way flourished as a friend, partner and influential leader.

His problem-solving skills and the knack for pursuing scale, soon ensured his transition to Clinics – Marketplace leading its international expansion in Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil and Singapore. With an impact-focused approach, he excelled in all the roles he donned over the years, and owing to his consistent performance, in 2022, he was promoted to CEO, Insta & Business Unit Head – Practo Care Surgeries. 

The ‘poster-Practeon’ of relentless execution with a high Say Do value, Vikas grew to become an asset for Practo and the ‘go-to person’ for everyone. For Vikas, every problem or challenge was an opportunity for innovation and he ensured he and his team never missed the chance to learn from them. Vikas and leaders like him have empowered Practo to aim higher and dream big(ger).

And that is why, with a mix of sadness and gratitude, we are here to share that Vikas has decided to part ways with Practo to pursue personal interests. Owing to his crucial role in Practo’s journey, this transition is a big one for us. However, we are incredibly proud of him and grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside him and wish him all the very best for his future endeavours.   

Vikas truly embodies Practo’s core values in everything he does and has left an indelible mark on all of us. We cannot even begin to express how much we are going to miss having him by our side. 

We are immensely grateful to Vikas for establishing the solid foundations of Practo. A strong and inspiring leader who has been instrumental in bringing Practo to this path to greatness and for that we extend our sincerest thanks and gratitude. He is and will always be one of the core contributors in shaping the journey of Practo becoming a purpose-driven impactful organisation. 

Vikas is and always will be a Practeon par excellence. 

Wish you all the best, Vikas!


Practo is on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for over a billion+ Indians. India’s leading integrated healthcare company it connects the entire healthcare ecosystem together – including patients, doctors, surgeons, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and diagnostics – to generate exceptional value and service for all, especially the end consumers.

As technology becomes an integral part of healthcare, Practo has also become an essential enabler in helping doctors understand the nuances of managing and securely storing all health data. Practo encrypts all data with 256-bit encryption, uses HIPAA-compliant data centers, and is one of the few healthcare companies to be ISO 27001 certified. Practo is present in 20+ countries, helping over 30 crore patients, by connecting them with 1 lakh+ verified doctor partners.

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