We are entering the new year with a new high – the highest number of doctors listed in India.

Little over a year ago, we were an optimistic bunch with an idea that anyone, from anywhere in India should be able to find and book appointments with the best doctors for their problems; for FREE.

At that time, Practo Ray, our practice management software for doctors was already doing well in the market for 4 years; helping doctors manage their clinics and take care of their patients better. In September 2012, with a nascent database of doctors and the experience of bringing an idea to life, we decided it was time to be of more value to patients.

So we started out, humbly, from our base in Bangalore. This led to more experimentation, processes, automation, quality control. In this one year, we learnt, we were burnt, we cleaned up our wounds, our skins got thicker and we jumped right back. Several times. And today we have more than 75,000 doctor profiles belonging to more than 300 specialties, listed on Practo. Profiles which you can peruse and book appointments with for free, across the country.

We are not just proud of the quantity we’ve achieved, we are proud of the quality we provide. Each doctor on Practo is verified by our team. We gather extensive information from the doctors. We encourage doctors to get listed on their own and update their profiles. Their updates go through a rigorous check from our end. Only after quality assurance do we make information live.

Having a significant number like this, exposes us to interesting data and insights. Today we’d like to share some of them with you.

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We understand the great responsibility that comes with this idea. A doctor is someone you trust with your life. And we are the ones you trust to find the right doctor. We thank you for placing your trust in us.