We at Practo work relentlessly towards providing a simplified healthcare experience that reduces consumer stress and anxiety at every level. We realized that transportation issues often bring additional stress to a doctor’s visit – having to brave public transport, or driving through traffic and hunting for parking – all while you or your loved one is feeling ill, is a terrible experience. There are also many patients who may not be able to visit the doctor by themselves at all and have to wait for someone to take them to the doctor.

We wanted to improve this aspect of the appointment experience and have partnered with Uber, one of the world’s leading transportation providers. By integrating their convenient, reliable and seamless transportation experience and bringing it to users of the Practo app, we are able to remove a significant aspect of the stress associated with a doctor’s visit.

Starting today, consumers across India, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia who book an appointment on Practo’s award winning apps will be able to see the closest Uber available, when they get a reminder alert for their appointments. Users can then click the reminder notification and complete the ride booking process.

In addition to viewing the estimated fare and how long it will take for the Uber to arrive, the doctor’s address is pre-filled automatically, ensuring almost zero effort to reach the doctor in time for the appointment.

The partnership today is in 4 countries – India, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia – and will soon expand to cover more countries as we continue our rapid global expansion.

We hope that you, our consumer, find this partnership helpful. We believe it improves an important aspect of the healthcare experience, making it easier than ever to find a doctor using Practo – Your Health App.